Книга Chanel: The Legend of an Icon (Classic Edition) Assouline

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Марка: Assouline


Автор / Author Alexander Fury
Език / Language Английски / English
Корица / Cover Твърда / Hardcover
Страници / Pages 240 страници, над 180 илюстрации / 240 pages, over 180 illustrations
Размери / Dimensions W 25 x L 33 x D 4 cm, 2.5 kg

Gabrielle Chanel, known for her uncanny ability to anticipate fashion trends, transformed the world of style with her modern take on luxe minimalism. She elevated simple fabrics like jersey and tweed to couture status, creating a sophisticated yet understated silhouette that redefined fashion in the 20th century. Chanel’s vision liberated women from restrictive clothing, aligning with broader societal shifts. The fashion house she founded has continued to shape modern fashion, with her successor, Karl Lagerfeld, reinventing the industry by drawing inspiration from Chanel’s legacy while adding his own innovative touch. Lagerfeld’s approach to reviving a storied brand became the blueprint for the modern fashion house. Assouline’s updated volume, Chanel: The Legend of an Icon, captures this rich history with a curated selection of a hundred iconic pieces and insightful text by Alexander Fury, illustrating Chanel’s enduring impact through archival and contemporary imagery.

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