Книга Uzbekistan Silk & Gold: The Magnificent Art of Costume Assouline

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Марка: Assouline


Автор / Author Yaffa Assouline, Laziz Hamani
Език / Language Английски / English
Корица / Cover Твърда текстилна / Silk hardcover
Страници / Pages 308 страници, 200 илюстрации / 308 pages, 200 illustrations
Размери / Dimensions W 25 x L 33 x D 4 cm, 2.9 kg

Explore the rich heritage of Uzbekistan’s textile craftsmanship, a legacy dating back to ancient times when trade routes positioned the region at the heart of the known world. Silk & Gold: The Magnificent Art of Costume transports you to nineteenth-century Uzbekistan, showcasing the pinnacle of opulence in the costumes of the emirs of Bukhara. Witness the zenith of craftsmanship in ceremonial chapans, entirely embroidered in gold, alongside suzani wall hangings, ikat silk, and exquisite jewelry, each laden with symbolism and time-honored techniques passed through generations. Authored by Yaffa Assouline with captivating images by Laziz Hamani, this intimate journey unveils the high art masterpieces sought after by global museums and collectors, offering insights into diverse patterns, influences from the Great Silk Road, and the enduring creative exchange between artisans and the world of trade.

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