Книга The Impossible Collection of Art (2nd Edition) Assouline

2,352 лв.

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Марка: Assouline


Автор / Author Philippe Ségalot, Franck Giraud, Joachim Pissarro
Език / Language Английски / English
Корица / Cover Твърда, текстилна, в луксозна кутия / Linen hardcover in linen clamshell
Страници / Pages 144 страници, 101 илюстрации / 144 pages, 101 illustrations
Размери / Dimensions W 41 x L 51 x D 8 cm, 10 kg

Modern art is the new intellectual currency, drawing the attention of media moguls, hedge-fund managers, and Hollywood darlings, granting them entry into an exclusive global community. Renowned art dealers Philippe Ségalot and Franck Giraud have curated The Impossible Collection of Art, an unparalleled modern art collection where anything is possible. These 100 extraordinary artworks, introduced by Joachim Pissarro, offer a unique perspective on 20th-century artistic achievements, whether hidden in a museum’s vault or up for auction. In the 2nd edition, Ségalot and Giraud have updated with eleven new works, inspiring endless discussions and inviting art enthusiasts to imagine their own dream Impossible Collection.

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